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Current graduate students:

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El Lower 
Kaitlyn Hornik

Current Undergraduate Students:

We need to grow our undergraduate group in Raleigh!  The gesslab welcomes students of any major or class level to work for independent study credit for one semester. No experience required. Exceptional students will be encouraged to continue for additional credit or pay depending on resources available. We work hard to help students get funding through campus research initiatives.

Former lab members


Michael Minn

Graduate Students

Ari Sahagun

Undergraduate Student Researchers


Jordan Williams (James Scholar Senior Thesis), Megan O’Loughlin, Michael Hennessy , Saachi Kuwayama, Allison Steffens, Amanda Abraham, Sarah Helmink, Zili Xiang (Cornell University), Danqi Fang, Kelly Lutsch, Carly Norris (James Scholar Senior Thesis), Jamie ZourasKevin Zhu (Researcher Initiative), Nuochen Lyu (Research Initiative), Michaele Strauch, Zian Yang; Mike GalloKaitlyn Hornik, Kelly Lutsch; Kristina Sinclair,  Rachael Wilson,  Vinisha Doshi (Researchers Initiative); Jia Wang (NGRREC Intern), Bryce Hays (NGRREC Intern), Therese Banzuela (Researchers Initiative); Lisa BrooksSarah Hidder (James Scholar Senior Thesis), Adrienne WuellnerNate BanionBrian SlivnickKarissa Snouffer (NGRREC Intern), Courtney Kramer


Alan Eng, Quentin Pecota.


Ariana Fox, C. Allyn Knox (Barrett Honors College), Nicholas Moore